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We really love flowers. To begin with, it is miraculous that something so elaborate grows from a tiny seed. The love and care every single bloom receives before it even reaches our hands makes every stem precious. 


We aim to create designs that feel natural and organic. Every bloom should be seen and appreciated, every detail carefully thought out. The result is a delicate dance of colors and textures that tie together into a cohesive event.

Our design esthetic is ever changing, and we adapt with every client. Our experiences have shaped us into better designers, more creative thinkers, and unbeatable service providers. From the moment you inquire you will be met with respect, enthusiasm and professionalism.


..We also really like to have fun, and are always smiling and laughing at something. What can we say, we love what we do!



  O W N E R

My love for flowers started the way you'd expect - as a kid with her mom in the garden. I learned a lot from running around and helping out in the greenhouses. The smell of wet soil is one of my favorite childhood memories. It was there that I learned that the best flowers thrive when planted in full sun.

In 2018, I got married to my incredible husband (hi, den!) and had way more fun than expected planning our wedding. I told myself that one day I would get into the wedding biz. Yeah, like THAT was going to happen.

Flash to 2020, and enter COVID. Although it was bad, the new flexibility of working from home suddenly gave me the ability to focus a little bit of time on starting my own business, and Full Sun Floral was born! Plus, we were finally able to adopt that dog we always wanted. A few months later she needed a friend, so we doubled down and got another. My dogs serve as quality control sniffers, which basically means they smell flowers and get all the credit.


While I was cluelessly navigating this new venture, I began with a small summer baby shower. That led to my first ever wedding in the fall of 2020, and the biz has grown into something bigger than I ever imagined. I have worked with incredible clients, insanely talented vendors, and have made lifelong flower friends in the process. I pinch myself anytime someone books me for their wedding, because this still doesn't feel real. I'm honored to be a part of your most important life moments. 


Fun Facts: I met my husband in a parking lot, carpooling to a track & field meet. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and I'm a full time project manager. I LOVE to travel, solo or otherwise, and have been working on learning a bit of french.

Meet the Regulars



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A creative mastermind who's up for anything. No one sees things quite like her. Director of GIS by day, mushroom / succulent enthusiast by night.

Fun Fact:  Met Kelsey in a hatchet throwing league.



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Pure angelic energy covered in soft fluffy goodness. She is the head of quality sniff testing and definitely wants another treat.

Fun Fact: She's already your best friend.



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Way smarter than she has a right to be. Easily bored. Wants attention until she gets it. Surprisingly cuddly when in the mood.

Fun Fact: Can open any door, given enough time.



The average wedding produces 400-lbs of garbage and 63-tons of CO2. With an estimated 2.5-million weddings a year, you can imagine why keeping sustainability in mind is incredibly important to us. We work very hard to ensure your event florals have as little of a footprint as is reasonably possible.

We are a 100% foam free designer and only use sustainable mechanics such as floral frogs, chicken wire, and fully compostable alternatives. We strive to stay up to date on new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

We have working relationships with a variety of NJ farms and use locally grown flowers whenever possible. Shopping local blooms not only results in more seasonally appropriate designs, but it allows us to utilize fresher product that is free of harsh chemical treatments while supporting our farmers. Better yet, it minimizes the carbon footprint from imported blooms arriving by plane, boat, or delivery vehicle.

Your event is special, but so is our planet. We appreciate your support for our mission and ask for your flexibility, as due to the nature of weather and other factors, we can not guarantee specific floral varieties. Ready to get started?      

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